Simply Brunello

Brunello is a cured meat producer and distributor. Its main market is Italy but it also sells to other European countries.

The company is headquartered in Bassano del Grappa, in the north east side of Italy, where the business was started by Domenico Brunello in 1961.

The production plant is located in Castelnuovo Bormida, in the north west side of Italy, where cooked hams and turkey breast are manufactured on a daily bases.

The family also owns shares in other different production companies.

Among the main clients served by Brunello there are national and local retail chains, the fragmented trade such as delis, butcheries, independent shops, restaurants and bars.

Shifting from mere distributor to producer has allowed Brunello to further expand its distribution network. It now relies on other wholesalers and bigger distributors.

The majority of the business is carried out within the Italian territory, but the brand is currently expanding into other northern European countries.

From left to right: Gianni, Domenico, Moreno and Fabio Brunello.

Brunello means professionalism, ambition and a great team. These attributes, together with great passion, have led the business to its existing size.

1927 - Origins

Domenico Brunello is born in Valrovina, a village located 20 minutes outside Bassano del Grappa. At the age of three he loses his father and this makes him the older man in the house: not only he is helping his mother with housework, but he soon starts to financially support his family.

During these tough years he learns about resilience and entrepreneurship which will then play a fundamental role in his future.

1945 - Il Garzone del Borgo

After the primary school Domenico starts working as shop assistant in the bakery of his town. A famous picture taken during that period of time which depicts him on a bicycle on the wooden bridge of Bassano is today the logo of a Brunello range of products.

1950 - The Trade

After completing the military service, Domenico starts working as a salesman at the main grocery store in Bassano del Grappa. This is when he starts thinking about starting his own business.

1961 - The Basement

The company is officially founded in 1961 and headquartered in Bassano del Grappa, in the 120 sm family basement. Domenico first warehouse is his house and his first business partner is Bruna, his wife.

1973 - The First Office

The business starts taking over quickly and, after only 10 years, it is necessary to acquire a new and bigger warehouse to store the products.

1983 - The Laboratory

The company keeps growing in terms of both sales and services provided. Next to the offices, new aging cells and cold rooms are installed, together with an area dedicated to meat processing.

Domenico’s older sons, Nadia and Gianni, join the business and start working next to their father taking care of the day to day operations.

1991 - 30th anniversary

The headquarters are expanded once more to the existing size. The company has reached its maturity and it is now a point of reference in the north east side of Italy.

Domenico’s two younger children, Fabio and Moreno, finally join the business: the team is now compete.

2000 - The Expansion

Starting from 2000, the Brunello family starts a vertical integration process which brings in new partnerships and acquisitions.

The brand is no longer only associated with distribution, but also with production. This allows for a deeper penetration of the market and a greater distribution around the Italian territory.

2011 - over 50 years

The Brunello family celebrates its first 50 years of activity: this is a success due to perseverance, hard work but most of all passion. Among the several things to celebrate market expansion is on top of the list. The brand is now known and appreciated outside Italy.