We produce and distribute cured meat products.


Our offer includes pork, beef, horse and white meat such as chicken and turkey.

Our main customers are national and local retail chains as well as the fragmented trade such as delis, restaurants, bars and butcheries. We also cooperate with food service distributors.


55 years of history

more than 10,000 sqm of production and logistics area

750,000 Kg of processed meat in 2015

1,100,000 Kg of products packaged in 2015

1,500,000 Euro invested in 2015

Our Services

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Courtesy and Reliability

We have been working close to our customers with passion and dedication for 55 years. There is no better way to prove our commitment than the constant grow of our client base.

Our Sales Agents

Our sales force is the best point of contact for our clients. Whatever your need might be, our key account will be happy to help you.

Feel free to contact us , our agent will be in touch shortly.

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Deboning is one of the services most sought after by our clients. The process is carried out in our Bassano headquarters and the de boned hams are sold both pressed and unpressed. Pressed products are easier to handle on the slicer.

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Upon customers’ request, products can be cut into smaller pieces and then vacuum sealed in Bassano del Grappa, right before the delivery. We make sure our clients receive only the freshest products.

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Once products are packaged, we can label them according to clients’ needs, even printing the requested price. This is ideal for take away products.

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Quick Delivery

To deliver our products we rely on our own trucks, as well as third party logistic. We have a lead time of 12 to 48 hours.

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Logistics and Warehouse

Our stock is constantly monitored with a dedicated software which gives us real time data of the warehouse. Such approach ensures a better order management and faster deliveries.


55 years in the business have allowed us to establish solid partnerships with the most prestigious Italian brands of cured meat.