Our offices in Castelnuovo Bormida

The production plant is located in Castelnuovo Bormida, in the north-west side of Italy. Cooked hams and turkey breasts are here manufactured.

The plant rises up on an area of 2500sm and processes almost 3000 tons a year.

When Brunello completed the acquisition, it inherited three generations of knowledge related to cooked ham production. The business was in fact a family one and there were many similarities between the two families. The company is today called Fratelli Brunello s.r.l.

In Castelnuovo Bormida are produced cooked hams, cooked turkey and chicken breasts as well as cooked beef products. Quality is always the fil rouge.

Most of the products are labeled Brunello, but some others are private labelled, according to specific clients’ needs. Different qualities of meat are used with different types of flavor, in order to better suit customers’ requests.

The raw meat undergoes a strict selection process and is then added few simple ingredients. Our products are allergens fee (no gluten, no lactose and no GMO) and are included in the product list of the Italian Association for celiac disease.

Thanks to our high standards, we have the ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Fratelli Brunello s.r.l.

Zona Industriale, 4
15017 Castelnuovo Bormida

Longitude: 8.4855632
Latitude: 44.7503686